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Stability has been the hallmark of Wiese Industries since its inception in Perry 107 years ago. Stability in its purpose, ownership, employees and the community of Perry.

Henry Wiese opened his blacksmith shop in 1899. Joined by his son, Lee, in 1931 the two patented a method of repairing old style plow shares and soon began manufacturing, installing and marketing weld-on repair items for a number of tillage parts. Then known as the New Process Plow Welding Co., the operation was moved to the present location around 1940. As the agricultural parts business changed, the company evolved into a manufacturer of replacement tillage parts, rather than weld-on repairs and blacksmithing. In the early 1960’s the company, then owned by Lee and Irene Wiese, became known as Wiese Corporation. Following the passing of the Wiese’s, the company was purchased by a local management group which retained ownership until 2003. At that time it was purchased by a Canadian group and became Wiese Industries, a sister company to McKay Industries of Regina, Saskatchewan and Empire Plow of Cleveland, Ohio. Both of these companies have ties to the agricultural parts industry as well as the lawn and landscape and railroad industries. These alliances strengthen Wiese Industries’ position as a leader in the tillage tool replacement market and open the door to other opportunities for growth. Responsibility for and administration of day-to-day operations remains with the local management team, most of whom are long time Wiese employees.

Steady growth and expansion over the years has made Wiese a leading manufacturer and supplier of farm tillage tools for the original equipment and replacement markets, today covering over 100,000 square feet. The primary markets served are the United States and Canada, with some exporting to Mexico, Asia, Europe and Australia. A wide variety of parts are supplied for use in primary and secondary tillage processes, no-till and minimum-till applications, cultivation, fertilizer injection and specialized crop production. In addition to parts manufactured, other parts are imported from Europe and South America for distribution.

Wiese continually strives for improvements and upgrades in our product, processes, equipment and technology, so as to continue to provide top quality, economical products.

Just as, many years ago, Perry’s location as a point of major railroad access was important to Wiese, its location today in the heart of American agriculture with easy access to major transportation facilities is still important to our success, as is the able and dedicated workforce that has always been available in this community.

One hundred and seven years is a very stable foundation on which to build the future of Wiese Industries.
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