Perry Industries  
Key Employers - Mark Seed Company
Mark Seed Company was established in Perry in 1985. Mark and Steve Terpstra, owners, incorporated a research division in addition to their wholesale and retail seed sales in 1990. In 1997 Mark Seed released their patent pending soybean technology, Cyst Tech to the public. “This year we are pleased to announce an industry wide release of Cyst Tech Soybeans to over 200 Seed Companies and Co-ops in the United States,” says Mark Terpstra developer of the patent. The Cyst Tech technology is a revolutionary process that controls Soybean Cyst Nematodes, SCN. SCN, is a parasite that attacks the roots of a soybean plant and stays in the soil. SCN can rob up to 80% yield loss and with SCN being found world-wide, Cyst Tech is a breakthrough in combating the problem. “Producers have had success with the products which is why other seed companies are wanting to market the soybeans under their own brand,” says Terpstra.

Continued growth of the company has created more warehouse, office, sales, research and transportation positions in the company. “We are fortunate to have key people in place that can efficiently help run the plant. We employ motivated team players that take pride in their work; this shows in the end product,” says Mark. MRK brand soybeans, corn, oats, grasses, grains, native and wild flowers has enabled the company to offer a producer one stop shopping. Mark and Steve Terpstra, third generation seedsmen, don’t mind competing with larger seed companies. “History has shown us that we are limited only by our imagination. We are looking towards a bright future,” says Mark.
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Dallas County Hospital
Mark Seed
Osmundson Mfg.
Percival Scientific, Inc.
Progressive Foundry
Tyson Foods, Inc.
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